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Q&A for TEACH Program
Q: What are the minimum required qualifications?
A: To apply to TEACH, you need to have the following qualifications and attributes:
  • • Hold a bachelor’s degree (BA). If you are on course to receive such a degree, you are also eligible
  • • Meet all the Graduate School application requirements
  • • Possess enthusiasm to study abroad for one year with German and Japanese students and to actively participate in coursework and projects, in addition to carrying out research related to the regular master’s program
Q: What kinds of topics are generally discussed in TEACH courses?
A: In TEACH, topics such as ‘regional integration’, ‘the shared modernization experience of Korea, Germany, and Japan’ and other similar issues are examined. The philosophy of the program is that by enabling students to reflect on modern history, they will be in a stronger position to offer insightful contributions on the course of future development. In addition, the process of European integration and relations among neighboring nations in Asia are investigated in order to better compare development in Asia and Europe. However, a student’s master’s thesis is not necessarily limited to such topics. They may choose topics related to culture, language, and society in light of their own specialized interests.
Q: In which language are the courses taught?
A: Except for the Major Foreign Language Practice module, classes of the core curriculum are taught in one of the three pertinent languages, Korean, German, or Japanese, or in English. If students are having difficulty understanding content, students within the group help and support one another.
Q: Is it not difficult to write two different master’s theses in two different languages?
A: Writing even one thesis is a challenging task. However, assigned faculty help students decide on their topic of interest and oversee the writing of the theses. Advisors and faculty will provide scrupulous guidance so that students can develop their special assignment reports, written each semester, into their second thesis. Alternatively, students can translate their first thesis into the language of the main partnering university and submit it as their second thesis. Regarding this issue, there is room for various other options to be accommodated.
Q: How much is the tuition?
A: The educational expenses are the same as those of the regular graduate school. Admission fees and tuition are paid only to the primary university, and students are exempted from any payments to the partnering university. However, they bear other costs including living expenses, health insurance, and application fees.

* Where to find more specific information regarding TEACH:
http://trans.hass.tsukuba.ac.jp/teach/ja/ http://teach.im/

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