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Interuni-Seminar (Interuniversitäres Seminar für deutsche und japanische Kultur)

Interuni Seminar is a German language seminar camp with a long tradition, which has been held every year in Japan since 1978. Students from various majors as well as doctoral students, graduates, and professors who are interested in German participate in the camp. Interuni Seminar lasts for four nights and five days, providing opportunities for participants to learn German and to have heated discussions in German regarding various topics, which differ each year.

Interuni Seminar is sponsored by the Goethe-Institut and the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD). The event is held twice a year. Only beginning to intermediate level students can apply for the Juniorenseminar held in the spring, and the focus of this seminar is on German language learning. On the other hand, only intermediate to advanced students can participate in the Sommerseminar held in the summer, which focuses on topic-related discussions in German.

Since 2006, professors and students from Korea have been invited to attend Interuni Seminar.
You can get more information from the following sites.

Click here (http://www.interuni.jp/aufdeutsch.html) to go directly to the Interuni-Seminar homepage.
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