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This is a program that allows students to study in the foreign partnering school for one semester, by first registering at the original university and then being reimbursed the full tuition amount in the form of a scholarship

  • Training University: University of Regensburg located in Bayern, Germany
  • Trainee Selection: Selection of no more than 15 applicants
  • Training Period: From March to July each year
  • Training Method: Provision of intensive German language classes for approximately 5 weeks, then provision of classes appropriate to a students’ level during regular semester
  • Available Credits: 9 to 15 major credits
  • Features: Superb learning environment, assignment to dormitory close to school, assignment of two tutors, affordable costs

Regensburg location and scenery
regensburg location image regensburg scenery image1 regensburg scenery image2

Features of University of Regensburg
Located in the third biggest city in Bayern, and 2006 UNESCO World Heritage site
Regensburg University
- Established in 1962
- 20,000 students, three million books in the library
- Highest rate of student residency in its dormitory among all German universities