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TUCKU (Tuebingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University)

TUCKU was established in the fall of 2010 and is located on Korea University campus. TUCKU emphasizes the benefits of academic interchange available to students participating in the exchange program between Korea University and the University of Tübingen (Universität Tübingen) in Germany. The students in the University of Tübingen majoring in Korean studies are encouraged to take advantage of TUCKU in order to spend a year in a Korean university in their fourth or fifth semester.

Based on the Faculty and Student Exchange Agreement concluded in 2010 between the University of Tübingen and Korea University, a maximum of 15 students from the German university come to study at Korea University each year. From 2017, the number of students will be increased to 21. These students participate in not only the intensive Korean language classes but also in general classes. Currently, the head of TUCKU is Prof. Unsuk Han, who is Korea University’s point-person for this exchange program and who teaches at the university, and is the person on site responsible for the integration of exchange students from the University of Tübingen into the life of Korea University.

Scholarship for Korea University Students
Based on the exchange student program, Korea University students can spend one or two semesters in Tübingen. KU students can receive a scholarship of up to 500 euro per month during the 5 or 10 months of their stay. Moreover, students can attend intensive German language classes at the University of Tübingen for free and also attend general classes to improve their German language skills and expand their knowledge of Germany.
For more detailed information, contact Prof. Unsuk Han.

Prof. Unsuk Han.
Dr. phil. Unsuk Han
Managing Director
Tuebingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University
Korean Cultural Center B-202
E-mail : unsuk.han@aoi.uni-tuebingen.de
Tel : 02) 3290-2536, 010-8278-0823
Fax : 02) 3290-2559
Umbrisch-provencalischer Markt Tuebingen