▪ In order for international students to return from their leave of absence, it is mandatory for them to contact their affiliated department office and obtain an appropriate visa to study at Korea University.     
 Please be sure to have the visa before the beginning of the semester.
 ▪ Application period    January 2, 2020 (Thurs) ~ February 25, 2020 (Tue) 

 ▪ Application procedures (Choose one from the following 2 options)
 ① Students who need student visa (D-2)
 ② Students who possess visa other than D-2 that allows them to study in Korea (ex. F-type)
 -> Please refer to the attached file.

  ▪ 申请复学的所有外国留学生务必在开学前持有合法居留在韩国且在本校留学的签证。   
  ▪ 申请期间    2020年 1月 2日 (四) ~ 2月 25日 (二)  
  ▪ 申请方法 (两种选一)   ① 需要办理新的(D-2)的同学

 ① 需要办理新的(D-2)的同学

 ② 除了(D-2)签证以外,持有合法居留在韩国且在本校留学签证的同学

 -> 请参考一下附件。