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TEACH Program


Dual Degree Master’s Program offered through a partnership of Universities in Korea, Germany, and Japan
Transnational European and East Asian Culture and History

TEACH is an international dual degree program in the fields of the humanities and social science based on an entirely new concept, and is jointly run by Korea University, the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and the University of Bonn in Germany. In addition to the degree students receive from the university that they initially enroll in (the primary university), through this program students earn another master’s degree from one of the other two participating universities (the partnering university). A maximum of five students from each of the partnering universities can participate in the program each school year. The students registered in the TEACH program study in turn at Korean University, the University of Tsukuba, and the University of Bonn for a total of two years, in the process taking classes and earning credits at these partnering universities, and ultimately submitting thesis to earn two master’s degrees (dual degree).